Internet has now emerged as the most powerful medium of communication. Today it is much more important than it was say a decade ago. From public sector to private enterprises, World Wide Web, commonly known as Net, has outpaced other technological advancement.

The times have changed-we also need to change with them. We live in a globally connected and information saturated world. To thrive, we need to learn in person and online, together and independently. Our resources need sharing on larger canvases so as to ensure their relevance and longevity.

On cultural front, our rich repository of literature, culture and arts needs broad-based dissemination and sharing. For meaningful results, we need to engage people and engage them deeply. Through this website, JKAACL intends to put its treasure trove online in line with modern trends.

Apart from hosting information about our available wealth of publications, paintings etc, the Academy’s website will also have ready information about our policies and programmes. Hopefully, this initiative of ours will be appreciated and it will act as a useful interface between JKAACL and its target Public.

As caretaker of this creative organ of the State, I would wholeheartedly welcome suggestions and feedback from our target public.

I am sanguine that together we will be able to create a rich experience.




Dr. Aziz Hajini