Publication of Sheeraza

A literary journal under the common title of "SHEERAZA"is published by the Academy. Whereas Urdu 'Sheeraza' is monthly, Kashmiri, Dogri, Hindi, Punjabi, Ladakhi, Gojri and Pahari 'Sheeraza' are bi- monthly. There is nothing common in 'Sheeraza' of one language and the other except for its title and quality. The Special Numbers of Sheeraza in various languages are published regularly on the occasion of centenaries of great masters, literary giants, social reformers and the like besides special topics pertaining to Art, Culture & Languages. The publication of 'Sheeraza' chain of journals was instituted with a view to achieve the following goals: -


a)         to provide a platform for creative expression to the young and budding writers;

b)         to encourage senior writers to achieve excellence and contribute seriously for the developmet of their language and literature;

c)         to encourage publication of translations for better understanding of the literature being produced in sister languages;

d)         to encourage research work relating to the respective languages in general and history and cultural heritage of the State in particular.