Tehzeeb Mahal is an Integrated Cultural Complex being built with the state of the art technology. The 88 crore project is coming up at Transport Yard, near TRC, Srinagar.




Tehzeeb Mahal will have the following facilities:


Heritage Museum: This would inherit all the living and age old traditional, social, art and cultural belongings, ways of living right from the rural to the urban areas like costumes and dresses, artifacts, jewelries, household belongings, music instruments, farming and craft implements etc.


Art Gallery: One of the buildings of the complex will be converted into a permanent Art Gallery where around 500 art pieces, paintings, miniature paintings, and sculptures will be displayed.


Art Studio: One of the rooms of the Art Gallery building will be converted into an Art Studio which will also serve as Workshop Centre.


Exhibition Hall: A portion of the complex will be carved out for exhibition purpose. This will enable the artists to display their work.


Intimate Theatre Studio: One of the halls of the complex will be converted into an Intimate Theater Studio with a seating capacity of around 200.


Open Air Theatre: There is a large ground in the complex, a portion of which could be used for construction of an Open Air Theater for multipurpose open air theatre activities.


Sculpture Garden: One portion of the vast ground would be used for permanent display of some award winning Sculptures. The Academy has around 100 such sculpture pieces.


Handicrafts and Handicrafts Display room: One of the rooms will be used for display of handicrafts, handlooms, peppier mashies, pottery, Kangri and weaving etc.


Library: A reference library will be set up for reference purpose which will contain books on history, culture, arts, architecture, religions and languages.